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Wells Global West LLC, a subsidiary of Wells Global, is a full-service electrical contractor specializing in critical power system installation, with specific emphasis on Emergency Standby Power Systems with Engine Generators, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) equipment and Lightning Protection and Grounding systems. Our Electricians and Project Managers understand the challenges, sensitivities and risks associated with modifying complex power systems, with a strong emphasis on safety and efficiency. We conduct detailed risk mitigation planning, and adhere to strict installation processes and procedures.


Wells Global West is built on a classic electrical contractor model, allowing us to serve our customers who need a high quality, lower overhead electrical contractor alternative, without the added expense of an engineering firm. For customers who need the additional expertise of experienced engineers and project management, Wells Global West can readily tap into Wells Global resources and provide turnkey solutions.

Mark Carter, PE

General Manager

Mark has over 30 years professional experience in design, installation and project management in mission critical systems including various Department of Defense and Federal Aviation Administration federal government facilities.  Mark founded Wells Global in 1999 and serves as General Manager. Mr. Carter holds a BSEE from North Carolina State University and is a licensed Professional Engineer.

Jon Gott, PE

Chief Operating Officer

Jon has 15 years of experience in electrical/ mechanical design, construction and project management.  Jon has managed numerous mission critical installation projects including the critical power system equipment replacement at the Federal Aviation Administration’s Air Route Traffic Control Centers throughout the United States.  Mr. Gott holds a BSEE from Virginia Tech and is a licensed Professional Engineer and electrical contractor.

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